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The 2018 BMW K 1600 B is available at our motorcycle dealership in Barrington, IL.

The 2018 BMW K 1600 B Available At Cycle Werks In Barrington






Final Drive

WMTC-estimated (city/highway combined MPG)

Price (USD)

BMW K 1600 B

BMW K 1600 B


1.6L Inline 6-Cylinder

ENGINE 1649cc


Front-Wheel Drive



Aggressive Style

The style of the 2018 BMW K 1600 B is unmistakable. You’ll draw stares everywhere you go when you’re riding this sporty and stylish bike. The 2018 K 1600 B is also well-equipped with cleverly designed aesthetic features.

Possibly the first design flourishes that prospective BMW riders will notice are the LED indicators and taillights. These lights have a unique and striking look about them, and they are more powerful than traditional lights. The BMW K 1600 B also has standard chrome trim for a premium look. The standard chopped windscreen looks great while still providing optimal protection. This stunning bike has standard 17-inch wheels that are aggressively styled and quite light for optimal performance.

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Comfortable Ride

Even experienced riders may expect a motorcycle as quick and stylish as the 2018 K 1600 B to lack in comfort. BMW motorcycles are built to exceed expectations, and the comfort offered by the BMW K 1600 B will redefine what riders look for in sport touring bikes. BMW has built their name on offering luxurious comfort, and their motorcycles are no exception.

The standard low seat on the BMW K 1600 B offers an enhanced level of comfort when compared to the less convenient and higher seats on other motorcycles. Riders who prefer a more traditional seat will be happy to hear that this ergonomic motorcycle does offer an available higher “standard” seat, that provides greater visibility. The BMW K 1600 B even offers standard heated rider and passenger seats, which is a feature not seen on most competing motorcycles. The heated seats will help riders stay warm when the weather in Barrington gets a little chilly.

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Image of the 2018 BMW K 1600 B available at our Motorcycle dealership in Barrington, IL.

Raising The Bar For Motorcycle Safety

There is a common misconception that motorcycles can’t have many safety features. The 2018 K 1600 B comprehensively refutes this notion with an impressive lineup of safety tech. BMW has long been a leader in motorcycle safety, and the BMW K 1600 B is no exception.

The BMW K 1600 B includes a standard rain riding mode, which makes the potentially tricky process of riding a motorcycle in the rain much safer. The standard lineup of advanced driver aids programs also includes:

  • ABS Pro
  • Dynamic Traction Control
  • Dynamic ESA
  • Hill Start Control Pro

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Astonishing Performance

BMW motorcycles are known for their stunning performance, but the 2018 K 1600 B may surprise even long-time BMW loyalists with its power and speed. In addition to raw power, it offers sharp handling while still being easy for novice riders to operate. Few competitors of the BMW K 1600 B can match this balance of power and ease.

The engine in the BMW K 1600 B is a 1.6L 6-cylinder kicking out 160 horsepower. Not many motorcycles on the road today feature 6-cylinder engines, and the engine in the 2018 K 1600 B is not only large and powerful, but it’s also quite smooth due to its inline design. The engine is paired with a fast and efficient 6-speed transmission. The optional Gear Shift Assist Pro makes it even quicker and easier to shift gears. The optional Reverse Assist makes backing up your motorcycle a breeze.

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Alternate image of the 2018 BMW K 1600 B available at Cycle Werks in Barrington, IL.

Astonishing Performance

The 2018 K 1600 B offers the sort of practical technology that will put its competitors to shame. The tech features offered on this cutting-edge bike are designed to be easy to use while riding. For example, the multi-function digital display has large-type readouts with glow-in-the-dark functionality for a nighttime rider. The 2018 K 1600 B also includes a standard onboard computer that is responsible for controlling many different vehicle information functions. The optional audio system ensures that riders can listen to their preferred music on the road.

Try out the tech features in the BMW K 1600 B. Drop by Cycle Werks in Barrington today.

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